All goods for delivery are prefectly protected


100pcs/box, 4 boxes per carton

Our products are packed in strong and environmental-friendly seven-layers double corrugated cartons. 
Size of the pallet is 114cm×79cm,this size could leave no space on the left and right sides of a 20GP or 40GP container when loading. 


We use high quality wooden pallets with certificate. The pallets also meet the standards.
After packing neatly of each pallet, we will wrap around the whole pallet firmly by using plastic film, for preventing the package of products from being contaminated or wet. At the top of the pallet, a piece of wooden board will be placed to avoid damages when loading the second layers in containers. We finally use strong and high quality strapping belt to firm the whole pallet and ensure the goods are best protected and delivered to customers.  

For packages of particular goods that are easy to be damaged, we will brace them by covering wooden packs on every side of the pallet, in order to protect your goods.

We also provide customized service of packaging, including customized color box, customized sizes of box and carton, layers packing in each pallets and also the size of pallets.